When to Wear Blue Light Glasses? + When NOT to Wear Them

✓ Medically Reviewed by Jack Cincotta

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You've got yourself a pair of good blue light glasses from BON CHARGE, but you're not 100% sure when exactly you need to wear them?

Of course it depends if you have a pair of clear lens computer glasses, or one of our yellow or red lens blue light blocking glasses.

Yes, there are times you should also not be wearing you blue light glasses.

That is what we are going to help you with here.

When to Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

1. When Working On a Computer

You should be wearing a pair of the clear lens blue light filtering computer glasses anytime you are working on a laptop or desktop computer during the day.

The percentage of blue light blocked by our computer glasses are designed to make sure you get the benefits of computer glasses whilst being able to see all the colours and contrast needed when looking at a display. 

If you are working on your computer in the evening once the sun has set then we would suggest wearing one of our red lens blue light glasses. Our Blue Light Blocking Glasses are designed to make sure you help maintain a good circadian rhythm and not affect your melatonin secretion cycle that can lead to disturb sleep.

2. When Using Your Cellphone

You should wear blue light filtering glasses when looking at your cellphone screen for prolonged periods, this includes when using your tablet computer like an iPad. This can include our clear lens computer glasses or yellow lens Light Sensitivity Glasses during the daytime and our Blue Light Blocking Glasses if you are using your phone in the evening times.

Cellphone screens emit a lot of high-energy visible light in the blue light wavelength spectrum that may not be good for your eyes or for your body clock.

Another tip we suggest you try if you own an Apple cellphone is turn your iPhone screen red on purpose using these steps. This tip can help reduce the amount of blue light emitted from an iPhone screen especially in the evening.

3. When Under Indoor Lights During the Day

You should be wearing blue light glasses when indoors at places like conferences, expo halls and lecture classrooms.

For kids at school or working through online classes on their computers we recommend parents check out our kids range of blue light glasses.

4. When You Turn the Lights on at Night at Home

You should definitely be putting on your blue light glasses once the sun goes down and you need to turn the indoor lights on in the house.

During this time of day we recommend putting your favourite style of red lens Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

When Not to Wear Blue Light Glasses?

1. When Driving a Car at Night

It is not suggested to wear red lens blue light glasses when you are driving a car or truck. You need to be able to see clearly and stay alert when driving at night; for your safety and others on the road.

2. When Outside in Natural Sunlight

You should not be wearing your blue light glasses when your are outside in natural sunlight. Blue light glasses are designed to help filter out artificial blue light wavelengths, not natural blue light wavelengths.

Your eyes need a healthy level of exposure to natural blue light everyday, like the mornings and late afternoons, to help entrain your body's' clock.

2. When Around a Campfire or Only Candle Light

You don't have to wear your blue light glasses when you go camping and you are sitting around just the natural light emitted from a campfire. This also includes if you are sitting with only candle light around you and no artificial lights on.

The wavelengths emitted from light of a burning flame are actually emitting 500 times more red light in the 750nm range vs blue light.

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