Does Red Light Therapy Help Cellulite?

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Red light therapy has been shown in academic studies to reduce cellulite appearance. Red light therapy is a great treatment for cellulite reduction in both men and women.

Red light therapy is the application of visible red light and invisible near infrared light onto the skin to help produce more usable energy. This energy leverages the cell's ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite, aid with fat loss and help you heal faster. Red light therapy has been shown in thousands of studies to be safe and have little to no side effects.

What is Cellulite?

It not uncommon to think cellulite only impacts women, but men can suffer from cellulite as well. By carrying excess body fat we can increase our chances of getting cellulite.

Cellulite is pitted, bumpy appearance on our skin which appears around the buttocks, waist, legs and hips. Whilst cellulite isn’t a health condition its appearance can cause people who have cellulite to be concerned.

Cellulite is created when fat located beneath the skin is squeezed through the mesh of collagen fibres that connect muscle to our skin. It is this subcutaneous fat that leads to the appearance of cellulite on our bodies.

Cellulite is more pronounced in overweight people as there is more fat pushing through the mesh collagen fibres. Whilst you can develop cellulite at any age it is often more prominent in middle age people.

Genetics, hormonal fluctuations, and poor diet can all lead to cellulite.

Whilst the best method for reducing cellulite is weight loss via a nutritious diet and regular physical exercise, red light therapy can help speed up reducing cellulite.

Red Light Therapy for Reducing Cellulite and Fat Loss

There are many anecdotal and topical treatments for cellulite. Certain creams, potions and gadgets all claim to be able to rid you of cellulite. Many of these devices are not backed by credible science and it may be better to hold onto your money when it comes to come of them.

We won’t go into discussion other cellulite treatments as this article is about how to use red light therapy to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Infrared light therapy is a safe and effective treatment that has skin firming and collagen boosting properties. By using red light therapy, you can reduce fine lines, wrinkles and also reduce fat and cellulite. To learn more about how to use red light therapy for weight loss check out our blog about red light therapy for weight loss.

Red Light Therapy for Cellulite Loss


The benefits of red light therapy are endless. Red light therapy helps with cellulite in a multitude of ways.

Increasing energy (ATP) – By increasing cellular respiration more energy is available to heal, restore and repair. This works very well on reducing damaged cells associated with cellulite and activating the blood vessels.

Boosting collagen – Red light therapy has been shown in clinical trials to increase collagen production. This is done by stimulating production of more fibroblasts which helps strengthen connective tissue. Red light therapy has also been shown ti improve blood circulation and improve skin conditions.

Increase elastin production – This structural protein which keeps the skin tight is often damaged when you have cellulite. The good news is this damage has shown to be reserved when using red light therapy.

Reduces body fat – Reducing the amount of body fat stored in the fat cells means you have less likelihood of cellulite. Red light therapy has been demonstrated in the peer reviewed academic literature to reduce fat storage and aid with fat loss.

Improving lymphatic drainage - By improving lymphatic drainage you can help build a stronger immune system and also stimulate more weight loss and cellulite reduction.

When red light therapy is used with a firming gel to reduce cellulite it can improve the appearance of cellulite dramatically. It is though important to note that you cannot just have one treatment of red light therapy and expect cellulite reduction. It takes weeks of consistent use coupled with excellent diet and exercise. Using red light therapy at least once a day for around 3 months is the most optimal recommendation.

If you want to understand if red light therapy works for other conditions, you can read our blog “Does Red Light Therapy Really Work?”

How to Use Red Light Therapy for Cellulite Reduction

A huge positive to using red light therapy is that it’s easy to set up and even easier to use.

Follow the below instructions to set up your red-light therapy device to target significant reduction in cellulite.

1.   Set up your device

2.    Remove your clothes and exposure your target area to the panel.

3.    Switch the panel to activate both red and near infrared light for 20 minutes

4.    Place on your protective goggles and start your session

To reduce cellulite using red light therapy you can use a small or large panel. BON CHARGE offers a collection of red light therapy devices of different shapes and sizes to suit all budgets, to target cellulite.

It is important to choose a red light therapy that delivers good irradiance. At least over 100mw/cm2 which will allow you to get the best possible treatment against cellulite.

How Frequently Should I use Red Light Therapy?

To get the best results it is good practice to use red light therapy at least once per day, for a minimum of 20 minutes and for around 3 months. It takes between 4 weeks and 12 weeks to start seeing results.

Red light therapy devices are very different to infrared saunas. infrared saunas will not help with cellulite reduction as the light they use is not as effective as the light used in red light therapy machines.

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